IGRC General and Jurisdictional Conference delegation


Clergy – General Conference

Sara Isbell – Elected 3rd ballot
Randy Robinson – Elected 3rd ballot
Janice Griffith – Elected 5th ballot
Beverly Wilkes-Null – Elected 7th ballot
Eric Swanson – Elected 10th ballot

Clergy – Jurisdictional Conference

*Beth Fender – Elected 13th ballot
*Mike Crawford – Elected 13th ballot
Jennie Edwards Bertrand – Elected 15th ballot
Andy Adams – Elected 16th ballot
Nicole Cox – Elected 17th ballot 

Alternate to Jurisdictional Conference

Sylvester Weatherall – Elected 18th ballot
Gay Crede – Elected 18th ballot
Vince Rohn – Elected 20th ballot

Laity – General Conference

Paul Black – Elected 2nd ballot
Anna Fender – Elected 3rd ballot
Pamela Hammond-McDavid – Elected 3rd ballot
Kimberly Woods – Elected 6th ballot
Steven Schonert – Elected 7th ballot 

Laity—Jurisdictional Conference

*Anish Hermon – Elected 9th ballot
*Julie Boesen Higgins – Elected 10th ballot
John Cooper – Elected 10th ballot
Christina Krost – Elected 11th ballot
Larry Weber – Elected 13th ballot 

Alternate to Jurisdictional Conference

Erik Slingerland – Elected 15th ballot
Clarke Barnes – Elected 15th ballot
Andrea Stuby – Elected 17th ballot

* First two elected clergy and first two elected lay Jurisdictional delegates serve as alternate delegates to General Conference