IGRC launches online offering plate for local churches


By Mike Potts
IGRC Director of Administrative Services and Conference Treasurer

We Are Here to Serve
Our Conference Staff is striving to help our local churches in this difficult time. I am concerned about the financial health of the church. Having served as an executive pastor, I understand the financial implications of not having an in-person worshipping body. Online giving can help the local church in financial giving.
Online Giving Option
Not all our churches are setup for online giving. There is plenty of information on how to setup online giving, but that can take time. Then the idea came, what if we used the IGRC online giving for the local church?
Using the IGRC Giving Platform   
The IGRC already has online giving setup, but since we have not done this before for the local church, we need to set some parameters:

  • Please tell us if your church is going to utilize this program.
  • There is a bit of a lag time from when the donor makes the gift to when it gets paid to our PayPal account. It then takes another day or so for it to get to our bank account.
  • We will send the previous week's gifts the following week. The remittance will be sent to your church by check from the IGRC.  We will need to know the address to send the check to if it is different than the church address.
  • There is a service fee for using PayPal, the fee for each transaction will be deducted from the donation to the church.
  • All donation giving statements will be the responsibility of the recipient church.
Link to the IGRC Online Giving Platform
There will be other details that we cannot think of at this point, but we’re glad to work through them. If you think this would be useful to you and need more information, please email me at mpotts@IGRC.org or call 217-417-0802.

My prayers are with you all during this time. Please be safe.