IGRC one of 29 annual conferences paying 100 percent in general church apportionments for 2017


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Twenty-nine annual conferences – 52 percent of conferences in the United States – marks the fourth year in a row that the number of conferences paying 100 percent of general Church- apportioned funds has increased over the previous year.   The list of 29 includes the Illinois Great Rivers Conference who paid 100 percent for the 15th consecutive year. 

The 29 Annual Conferences are: Alaska, Baltimore-Washington, California-Nevada, Central Texas, Desert Southwest, East Ohio, Greater New Jersey, Illinois Great Rivers, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, New England, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma Indian Missionary, Oregon-Idaho, Pacific Northwest, Peninsula Delaware, Red Bird Missionary, Rocky Mountain, Susquehanna, Tennessee, Upper New York, West Ohio, West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Yellowstone.   

The nine Central Conference Episcopal areas paying 100 percent are: Central and Southern Europe, Davao, East Congo, Eastern Angola, Eurasia, Germany, Liberia, Mozambique, Nordic-Baltic. 

The Central Conference apportionment is based on a formula approved by the 2016 General Conference. 

Moses Kumar, general secretary and treasurer said “We want to thank all the conferences who pay at this level, and for those who did not, but who still contribute faithfully to the ministries of the Church. It is our working together that strengthens our United Methodist connection to fulfill our call to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Thank you!”