MacGibbon accepts position with State of Illinois


Angel MacGibbonBy Paul Black
SPRINGFIELD -- IGRC Director of Administrative Services Mike Potts announced that conference controller Angel MacGibbon has accepted a position with the State of Illinois and will be leaving the conference staff Oct. 31.
Potts made the announcement to conference staff on Sept. 30.
“Angel has done exceptional work for the IGRC to have sound financial, accounting and reporting practices for nearly 12 years,” Potts said. “I am grateful, and I pray for all the best for her and her family for the future.”
Potts said that he would be in consultation with the Conference Council on Finance and Administration on how to address the financial needs beginning Nov. 1.
MacGibbon will a Director with the Department of Healthcare and Family Services, overseeing its accounting and reporting. “My main focus will be trying to pull together the different areas of the agency and verify that the financial information reported for them is accurate,” MacGibbon said. “There are so many different software/systems used even within one agency that it makes it difficult to pull together everything in a useful and accurate manner.”
The new assignment is somewhat familiar to MacGibbon, who began her service with the conference Dec. 1, 2007.
“When I arrived, there was no regular financial reporting, 60-plus deficiencies in our audit management letter and an antiquated accounting system,” she said. “Now, we have clean audits, regular internal and external reporting, have completed two and in the middle of a third software conversion. I have also spent countless time cleaning up project funds to ensure we are honoring the wishes of our churches and members. We should always aim to do our best with the resources that God has given us. Accurate and timely information have been provided to the Boards and Committees, so they are able to strategize and make the best decisions possible for the Conference.” 
During her tenure with the Conference, MacGibbon has experienced several life events. “The people here have supported me through all of it,” she said. Those events include the deaths of a parent, two siblings and two grandparents. She has also gotten married and had three children. MacGibbon also completed requirements to become a certified public accountant. She holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration.
“While I feel it was time for me to move on to my next calling, I will greatly miss working with so many incredible people,” she said.