Memo on online and remote meetings issued


SPRINGFIELD -- Conference leadership has issued guidance concerning remote and online meetings for Conference committees, board and agencies today with the Lifesize web conferencing system utilized by the Conference being available to these groups.

The full text of the memo, signed by Rev. Janice Griffith, executive assistant to Bishop Frank J. Beard; Director of Connectional Ministries, the Rev. Dr. Curtis Brown; Director of Administrative Services, the Rev. Mike Potts and Director of Communication Ministries Paul Black, is as follows:

Memo on Online and Remote Meetings
As we continue to promote public health and safety by maintaining social distance and avoiding in-person meetings, we wanted to reach out to offer some guidance and recommendations for our Illinois Great Rivers Conference leaders.

  1. We are not recommending in-person meetings at this time. Given the wide range of cautions throughout our IGRC region, we are avoiding bringing people together from different communities. We will review this recommendation as public health guidance, mitigations, and phases are adjusted.
  2. IGRC committees, boards, and agencies may use the IGRC Lifesize system for meetings. This system is relatively easy to use, and our staff members are happy to assist in setting up and hosting these meetings for your IGRC board, committee, agency, or task force.
  3. Committee, board, agency, and team leaders can improve their team participation by three actions:
    1. Regular and individual contact with team members. This will often mean personal phone calls, emails, or messages to invite, introduce, and involve members. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about current team membership.
    2. Advance scheduling of meetings. Many people have experienced changes in work schedules during this pandemic, which may impact their availability for meetings. Advanced scheduling makes greater participation more possible for more people.
    3. Regular invitations and reminders of meetings, actions, or events. Given the busy lives of many of our people, we can all use a reminder or two.
  4. According to our Conference legal advisor, IGRC committees, boards, and task forces may lawfully conduct meetings through conference call or video conference and may take binding votes during the course of such calls and meetings.
  5. IGRC committees, boards, and task forces may lawfully make decisions by email votes as long as 100% of the body’s members participate and vote affirmatively for the proposition being submitted for approval. If, however, not all members participate or vote affirmatively, the body should convene a conference call or video conference meeting and conduct a vote during that called meeting.
Please feel free to contact any of our IGRC Conference staff with any questions or assistance we might be able to provide.