New Sunday School class growing its relationship with God


By Marsha Hockenberry
Momence UMC
MOMENCE -- In the fall of 2016, Pastor Alberto Ramirez felt the need for an adult Sunday School class at Momence UMC.  He asked Beth Sadler to lead the group and he chose the curriculum.  The first week there was a small group, but each week the class seemed to grow a bit and pick up speed.
The name of the class, The Covenant Group, reflects the ability to build relationships among the group members as well as a stronger relationship with God.  It is a very diverse group and everyone gets a chance to discuss their interpretation and opinion on the subject matter.  For several in the group, it is the first venture of reading through the Bible.
The pace of the class has been modified so that everyone can keep up if they miss a class.  The group feels that slow and steady wins the race and, in this case, everyone is a winner.