Overtime rules won't change...for now


By Rick Van Giesen
IGRC Conference Treasurer
SPRINGFIELD -- A federal judge has issued an injunction which will put new overtime regulations on hold, for now.
The regulations, which were set to take effect on Dec. 1, would have made millions of employees eligible for overtime pay, including some church lay employees.
Therefore, the opinion piece that I wrote for the December issue of The Current is moot, at least for the time being, except for one thing: It's still true that some churches have classified some employees as "self-employed contractors" who are not actually self-employed contractors. The commotion about employment practices should serve as an opportunity to clean up the mis-classification of employees - which is a serious IRS violation.
A helpful guide can be found at the GCFA website: http://s3.amazonaws.com/Website_GCFA/services/legal/Employee_or_Independent_Contractor.pdf (there are underscores between the words not spaces)
A link to my "Current" article is here: http://www.igrc.org/blogpostsdetail/the-church-and-the-new-overtime-regulations-one-mans-opinion-6663937