Consecration Sunday

Consecration Sunday is a highly effective stewardship program for the church. With this program, a church will see spiritual growth in the area of stewardship as people give to God because God first gave to us. The church will also experience a growth in contributions as people step up toward tithing and beyond.

Consecration Sunday is most effective when a guest leader is used. Several of our retired clergy have led many, many successful campaign.

If you are looking for a Consecration Sunday Leader, see the Consecration Sunday Leaders list below.

If you are a retired clergy interested in leading Consecration Sundays, and want to be included on this page, please contact Rev. Keith Anderson at 217-529-3221.

Rev. Keith Anderson -
Rev. Floyd Blackard -
Rev. Sam Totten -

Rev. Ted Frost, United Methodist Foundation Director -

Retired Clergy
Rev. Terry Clark -
Rev. Loius Frick -
Rev. Don Jones -
Rev. Burt McIntosh -
Rev. Mike Michels - 217-324-5000
Rev. Miley Palmer -
Rev. Bob Patterson -
Rev. George Schmink - 618-252-3069
Rev. Robert Smith -
Rev. Paul Unger -
Rev. John Younker -