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Resources for Pastoral Care During a Pandemic

Mission: to make disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world by promoting and supporting the spiritual and emotional health of the IGRC clergy and their families by promoting and supporting holistic health among our clergy (retired or not) and families. PCC exists under the mandation of the Illinois Great Rivers Annual Conference.

By attending to our physical, mental, and spiritual selves (holistic health) we are able to improve our experience of life. If we get busy or preoccupied and forget (or sometimes choose) to oversee the constantly changing in any of these areas, the other areas suffer.

This emphasis on holistic health is part of the Wesleyan tradition: concern for the wellbeing of the whole person, an essential element of holiness.

Prevention is more effective than intervention after the problem.

What can PCC help you prevent?


  • Clergy Assistance Program
  • PCC Coordinator Shauna Summers (licensed counselor)
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PCC areas of responsibility include counseling, pastoral care, proactive education, and connection to other groups in the conference dedicated to the well being of clergy.

Clergy Assistance Program

Pastoral Care and Counseling offers counseling services to pastors and their families through SupportLinc.

Because we are aware of the hardships inherent in the ministry, PCC strives to make counseling services available to anyone who seeks them. Through the Clergy Assistance Program (CAP), appointed clergy and their families are welcome (and covered!) to engage in a variety of services.

Visit our Counseling Services page for more information about how to get to the web portal, Wellness blog and mobile app!