Philippines Mission Partnership

MAY 16 - 30, 2023

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The first IGRC team traveled to the Palawan Conference of the United Methodist Church in the Philippines in March, 2016.   A Mission Center and Activity Center was the main building project in 2016. This center will be used for youth and children camps as well as a retreat center for local United Methodist Churches.  A rice project is developed to help sustain the maintenance and support of this building as well as to provide food for church workers in the area.  The project is located near the town of Calasaguen on the Island of Palawan.  

The United Methodist Church in The Philippines is subdivided into twenty-two regions called Annual Conferences. There are three episcopal areas. The United Methodist Church is growing and vibrant in The Philippines.

The 2017 project was construction of a dormitory/student center near Visayas State University on the Island of Leyte.  Super Typhoon Haiyan in  2013 damaged the unfinished building and the surrounding area.  The new dormitory will house 45 young women from poor rural areas that attend the university.     

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