Bishop's Visit to Beardstown

Visit by Bishop Jonathan D. Keaton to view flooding situation at Beardstown April 24, 2013. Photos by Paul Black

Bishop Keaton greets long-time Beardstown mayor Bob Walters

Bishop Keaton meets with leaders from Beardstown UMC

Bishop Keaton speaks with a longtime Beardstown resident

Bishop Keaton visit with Mayor Walters before offering a prayer

Bishop Keaton visits with Marty Turner a drainage district commissioner

Flooding already occurring at the railroad underpass in the park.

Keaton points to "boils" small seepages that provide pressure relief.

Keaton with Hispanic lay missioner Evaristo Rodriguez

One of Beardstown's five water wells surrounded to prevent flooding

Railroad bridge across the Illinois. The water is almost level with tracks.

Sandbagging around Beardstown's water treatment plant

The riverwalk steps are completely underwater with sandbags at the end

The water level rises near the top of the 1958 seawall.