Southern Illinois Disaster Response

Photos from Disaster Response efforts in Southern Illinois following the Spring 2011 floods. Photos by Paul Black

Addiitonal training materials had to be assembled due to crowd

Bishop Palmer addresses morning ERT Training

Bishop Palmer at a briefing with church FEMA Red Cross

Bishop Palmer greets staff of Metropolis First UMC

Bishop Palmer speaks to ERT Evening Training session

Bishop thanks Dena Hopkins for youth's sandbagging efforts

Bunny Wolfe IGRC Missions Coordinator and Seth Gardner FEMA

Earl Marlman of Metropolis greets Bishop Palmer

Flooding has caused the riverboat casino to be closed

IGRC Early Response Training wagon filled with materials and supplies

Ken Miner IGRC Disaster Response chair

Ken Miner with Leroy Allison left and Bill Minor right

Necia Jennings Carbondale First sorts cleaning supplies

Pete Ryan Cache River District Disaster Response coordinator

Sandbags still encircle this Metropolis home

Sandra Webster and Rev. Ed Hoke

Sandra Webster Red Cross coordinator for lower 14 Illinois counties

Stacks of sandbags at the street

The morning training session had additional registrants

The tools of the disaster response trade

UMCOR Evening Early Disaster Response Training

Workers haul sandbags to the street to be hauled away