Installation of Illinois River District Superintendent Mary Kathryn Pearce

Photos from the installation service of Rev. Mary Kathryn Pearce as Illinois River District Superintendent. Photos by Paul Black

Bishop Jonathan D. Keaton introduces Mary Kathryn Pearce

Dorothy Wilson presents Book of Disciple as strengthening connection.

Dr. Robert Bevill speaks of the impact of Imagine No Malaria

June Tyler presents hymnal and Book of Worship.

Kip and Jacob Selby presents water as a symbol of baptism.

Leonard Thomas presents towel and basin servanthood symbols

Rev. Deryck Sonaram presents bread and cup symbols of Communion.

Rev. Gary Ford presents a Bible for proclaiming edifying and conversion.

Rev. Judy Doyle presents globe representing mission leadership.

Rev. Mary Kathryn Pearce and Bishop Jonathan D. Keaton.

Rev. Mary Kathryn Pearce preaching.

Sally Smith presents stole as symbol of shepherding.

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