Installation of DS Rose Booker-Jones

Photos from the Installation Service of Rose Booker-Jones as District Superintendent of the Iroquois River District, Oct. 5, 2014 at Champaign Faith UMC. Photos by Paul Black

Anderson 1

Rev. Steve Anderson Loda UMC reads the Gospel lesson

Anderson 2

Anderson 3

Booker-Jones 1

Rev. Dr. Rose Booker-Jones preaches the sermon entitled "Turn the Page"

Booker-Jones 10

Booker-Jones 2

Booker-Jones 3

Booker-Jones 4

Booker-Jones 5

Booker-Jones 6

Booker-Jones 7

Booker-Jones 8

Booker-Jones 9

Communion 1

Rev. Janice Griffith Executive Assistant to the Bishop and Bishop Jonathan Keaton preside over the service of Communion

Communion 10

Communion 11

Communion 12

Communion 13

Communion 14

Rev. Griffith and Bishop Keaton serve Communion to those that will be serving Communion

Communion 15

Communion 2

Communion 3

Communion 4

Communion 5

Communion 6

Communion 7

Communion 8

Communion 9

Covenant 1

Bishop Keaton asks Rev. Booker-Jones the questions of the Covenant Service.

Covenant 2

Dancey 1

Rev. Kim Dancey reads the Old Testament reading

Dancey 2


Rev. Paul Dinges St. Joseph UMC leads the Opening Prayer


Dismissal 1

Rev. Booker-Jones gives a Dismissal with Blessing

Dismissal 2

District Choir 1

A choir composed of person from district churches sing during Communion

District Choir 10

District Choir 11

District Choir 2

District Choir 3

District Choir 4

District Choir 5

District Choir 6

District Choir 7

District Choir 8

District Choir 9

Fox 1

Becky Fox presents a globe representing missions

Fox 2

Hood 1

David Hood presents The Book of Discipline

Hood 2

Jesus Love 1

Jesus Love Korean Ministry praise band singing Special Music

Jesus Love 10

Jesus Love 11

Jesus Love 12

Jesus Love 13

Jesus Love 14

Jesus Love Korean Ministry Praise Bands sings the Offertory

Jesus Love 2

Jesus Love 3

Jesus Love 4

Jesus Love 5

Jesus Love 6

Jesus Love 7

Jesus Love 8

Jesus Love 9

Keaton 1

Bishop Jonathan D. Keaton introduces Rev. Dr. Rose Booker-Jones as District Supeirntendent

Keaton 2

Keaton 3

Keaton 4

Keaton 5


IRD Lay Leader Vicki Killus provides greetings and leads the Call to Worship



Korean Choir 1

Korean Choir presents special music

Korean Choir 2

Korean Choir 3

Korean Choir 4

Korean Choir 5

Monroe 1

Rev. Sharon and Ron Monroe present the bread and cup

Monroe 2


Nathaniel Murphy Gilman UMC plays the Prelude

Neumann 1

Fred Neumann presents baptism water

Neumann 2

Post-Service 1

Rev. Dr. Rose Booker-Jones greets those in attendance following the service

Post-Service 2

Post-Service 3

Pratt Waite 1

Teresa Pratt and Jana Waite present the towel and basin

Pratt Waite 2

Pratt Waite 3

Robinson 1

Rev. Randy Robinson pastor of Danville St. James speaks about the offering recipient Liberia Ebola Response

Robinson 2

Robinson 3

Robinson 4

Robinson 5

Schultz 1

Susan Schultz presents a Bible as one of the signs of the superintendency

Schultz 2

Setzler 1

Steve Setzler presents the Hymnal and Book of Worship

Wilkey 2


Host Pastor Wes Wilkey greets those that are in attendance

Wise 1

Rev. Patti Wise presents a stole

Wise 2