Liberia Mission Teams 2013

Photos from Liberia Mission teams in 2013. Photos by Bunny Wolfe

Bob Frank painting at West Point July 2013

Cheryl Brookshire with Ganta Hospital patients Jan. 2013

Danny Kirk praying for a sick child Jan. 2013

Debby Rhodes July 2013

Dehkontee Tarr and Erin Tarr and John Kofi Asmah School

Ganta teacher receives new microscope

Ground view of West Point on the way to John Kofi Asmah School

Ken Kersey with Ganta friends July 2013

Ken Runkle tests water in West Point

Laurie Fuller reading to Kakata Farmington Dist. children Jan. 2013

Laurie Fuller with friend Jan. 2013

Megan Chrisler at John Kofi Asmah School

Megan Chrisler painting at John Kofi Asmah School July 2013

Neysa Downs doing outside science experiment July 2013

Neysa Downs presents new microscopes to Ganta teachers July 2013

Neysa Downs showing use of microscope at July 2013 teacher training

Renee Lofgren July 2013 teacher training at Ganta

Sammie Fagerburg's 18th birthday with Martha Zeigler July 2013

Steve Gyenge Ruth Fiedler-Eaton Pamela Thompson Oct. 2013

Taryn Flake July 2013 teacher training at Ganta

Taryn Flake July 2013 teacher training at Ganta

Taryn Flake with friend July 2013

Teacher comes to July 2013 training at Ganta with her child

Third floor view of West Point from John Kofi Ashmah School

West Point children play with their "toys"