Liberia Partners' Summit

Photos from the Liberia Partners' Summit held Nov. 15-17, 2012, at Alton Main Street UMC. Photos by Paul Black

Bishop Jonathan D. Keaton preaching at opening worship

Bunny Wolfe

Bunny Wolfe reports from the construction projects breakout

David Malloy Ann Conf liaison for the Advance speaks to attendees

Dr. Caroline Njuki Asst. Gen Secy GBGM leads Fri. devotions

Dr. Carolyn Njuki facilitates discussion

Dr. Charles S. G. Boayue II Sat. AM devotions

Gathering following worship on Friday night

Host pastor Jame Hahs provides technical support

Host pastor Rev. Jame Hahs reads scripture

IGRC Liberia Partnership Chair Keith Zimmerman welcomes attendees

IGRC Missions Coord. Bunny Wolfe in construction breakout

Keith Zimmerman leads agriculture projects breakout

Keith Zimmerman reports from the agriculture breakout

KRD DS Cindy Jones leads training opportunities breakout

Liberian Bishop John G. Innis preaches Friday night worship

Opening worship

Randy Robinson and Bunny Wolfe

Randy Robinson leads pastoral support breakout

Randy Robinson reports from the pastoral salary support breakout

Shannon Trilli Dir. of Global Health Init. leads Ganta Hosp. breakout

Shannon Trilli reports from the Ganta Hospital breakouts

Victor Taryor Ganta Hospital Administrator updates progress

Worship team from Main Street UMC leads Friday night worship