Reaching New People

Too often churches take a “wait for people to come” approach, or they think ‘invitation’ means standing on street corners or initiating painfully difficult conversations. Not so!

This workshop will teach principles which are effective in churches of all sizes that are making new disciples of Jesus Christ. The key to reaching new people is to move beyond the walls of the building and develop relationships with people in the community. This workshop will equip the church to reach out in non-threatening ways.

If more people of the church intentionally engage in this invitational model, the church will be more effective in reaching new people.

This one-day workshop invites a team (a pastor and at least 3 lay people) to take next steps in reaching new people.  The larger the number of people who attend, the greater the likelihood the principles will have a positive impact on a church's ability to reach new people. Bring a large team!! All workshops are 1:00 pm -- 5:00 pm. On-site check-in begins at 12:30 pm.

Online Workshop Option

Because of the interest in this workshop and the power of having many participants from one church, workshop segments have been edited so that small groups, church leaders, or other groups from a church can view the video segments together, engage in discussion and develop action plans.

Review the facilitator instructions.

After you have reviewed the facilitator instructions, if you wish to register your church for access to this video workshop, click here.