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Parish Nurses

13 Clergy Health Factors & the 5 Dimensions of Health

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The Church Systems Task Force research identified 13 factors that are highly correlated with clergy health, differentiating those who are healthy from those who are unhealthy. The 13 factors identify sources of stress, challenges to maintaining physical health, obstacles to emotional health, impacts upon social health, the importance of spiritual health and the influence of finances. 

Clergy Age Trends in the UMC

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Article is reporting on a 2014 UM report and talks about the changing age demographics of the church. Elders and local pastors are appointed as pastors of congregations. The number of active elders continue to decline as the number of local pastors grows.

Clergy More Likely to Suffer From Depression, Anxiety

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A number of factors were found to be powerful predictors of depression and anxiety, most notably job stress. Clergy engage in many stressful activities, including grief counseling, navigating the competing demands of congregants, and delivering a weekly sermon that opens them up to criticism. The strain of these roles is further amplified by having to switch rapidly between them, which other studies have shown to exacerbate stressful experiences.  

Divine Intervention: Helping Clergy Help Themselves

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“Clergy feel divinely called to their profession,” she says. “They believe that they are called by God to do the work they are doing, and this imbues a level of significance to everything they do that people in other professions don’t often have.”

Northern Illinois Conference

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Our neighbors to the north, the NIC is a valuable resource for IGRC and home to over 400 local churches in the northern third of the state.

The WellSprings Journal

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The WellSprings Journal is an expression of who we are as United Methodist (UM) clergywomen.  WellSprings is for UM clergywomen, by UM clergywomen and of UM clergywomen.  The need for “an instrument of some kind that could not only connect, but bond United Methodist clergywomen in a new and exciting way” was recognized (vol.1, no.1, p. 5), 34 years after full United Methodist clergy rights for women was granted in 1956.  Addressing that need, the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry ...