SRDLiberia Partnership

Did your church make a pledge toward Africa University Scholarships?  If so, we hope you have made progress toward paying that pledge.  Checks should be made payable to IGRC with AU #6980 in the Memo line.  If you did not make a pledge, we hope you will consider making a donation to this worthy cause. 


Donatons for Liberia Support

To help support our brothers and sisters in Liberia, each district in Illinois Great Rivers Conference is paired with districts in Liberia. The Sangamon River District is paired with the Gbarnga and Weala Districts in Liberia.

There are three main areas of support that have General Advance Special and Conference Advance numbers, and qualify for 5 Star Credit. Donations to these should be sent to the Conference Treasurers office in the same manner that Apportionment payments are sent. Please clearly mark your checks to show the Advance number for which the donation is to be credited. These main areas are Scholarhips, Pastor Salary Support and Reconstruction Assistance.

General Advance numbers are as follows:(show the Liberia district # after the General Advance #)

  • Scholarships General Advance #15125B
  • Pastor Salary Support General Advance # 15124A
  • Reconstruction Assistance GBeneral Advance # 15126N (For VIM Building Materials #66600)

Conference Advance Specials may be designated in each of these categories for the specific Liberia District. These donations should also be sent through the Conference Treasurer's office and the Advance number should be indicated in the memo line of your check. For our two districts these are as follows:

  • Scholarships: Gbarnga #2097; Weala # 2100
  • Pastor Salary Support: Gbarnga #2098; Weala # 2101
  • Reconstruction Assistance: Gbarnga #2099; Weala # 2102

In addition these are other Conference funds which will qualify toward 5 Star Credit. These are:

  • George W. Harley Hospital at Ganta Mission #15080N
  • Community-Based Malaria Control Program #982009
  • IGRC Building Materials for the work teams that go to Liberia from the Conference # 6660
  • West Point School John Kofi Asmah - Building materials for the school # 6990
  • IGRC Vehicle for the work teams that go from IGRC to use #300-40500-384.
  • Imagine No Malaria - A General UMC effort to eliminate Malaria # 3021190

Sangamon River District no longer has any Special Funds.  We ask that churches wishing to make donations for Liberia use one of the Conference funds and send those donations directly to the Conference Treasurers Office.  In the Memo line, show the purpose and the Conference Advance Number.  Please note that each Liberia District has its own number listed beside the special mission: Scholarships, Pastor Salary Support or Reconstruction Assistance.   Any money that was donated for a special project to the District Office has been sent on to Liberia and so we are no longer planning to hold any money in special accounts for Liberia. 


The Gbarnga District has a new District Superintendent. Rev. Harvey Willie.  The following is from his recent newsletter.

Some of their churches are not accessible now because the environment where they are located was affected by the Ebola epidemic.  Because of this, many pastors and District staff have not received a salary for a few months.  Another challenge, he says, is children whose parents or guardians have died from the Ebola.  These children need scholarships to continue their education and have support for survival. 


This is a reminder that donations are still needed for scholarships and also for the Pastors salaries.  Send these donations to the Conference Treasurers office and indicate in the memo line of the check how it is to be used.  The Advance numbers are in the brochure and shown above.