Kumler Outreach Ministries

The outreach ministries are always needing your support for donations of food or clothing, and cash donations are especially appreciated. 

Dear Friends and Supporters,

As the Governor and lawmakers continue to make little to no progress in agreeing on a state budget for Fiscal Year 2016, Kumler Outreach Ministries is facing the possibility of suspending or severely curtailing its prescription assistance program, which helps pay for much-needed prescriptions for persons in need. 

Kumler Outreach Ministries prescription medicine program is primarily funded through a grant from the Illinois Department of Human Services.  Not only does this grant provide more than $75,000 annually for medicine, it also contains funding for administrative and personnel costs.  While the program could exist with volunteer rather than the current half-time paid staff person and is prepared to do so, without state funding we have limited dedicated funds to pay for prescriptions.  Without a budget agreement by July 1, we will be left with no state funding to help support our program for the rest of the year or until an agreement is reached.  It is also possible, that even once the budget is finalized, we will be part of funding cuts and will receive no state funding for our medicine program.  

While demand for our services has decreased somewhat with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, we still spent nearly $99,000 on prescriptions during calendar year 2014, helping 1,739 people with 3,950 prescriptions.  Through May 2015, we have spent more than $28,000 this year, helping 535 people with 1280 prescriptions.  Depending on repercussions from state budget cuts and federal court rulings regarding the Affordable Care Act and subsidies, we could see the demand for our program increase. 

We're asking that you consider spreading the word about our need, making a financial contribution and/or keeping us in prayer as we deal with this reality. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you so much for your continued support. 

I'd like to share this testimonial with you to put a face with the statistics: 

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for what you guys do. I was having trouble breathing and went to the emergency room at St Johns and found out that I have pneumonia. I am unemployed right now and found out that the prescriptions I needed were like $110 and there's no way in h*** I could afford it. After going to the Complete Care Pharmacy on North 5th they told me about you guys and I went over to your location on North Grand and you had given me a $100 voucher to pay for the inhaler and antibiotics to treat my pneumonia. I could never put into words how grateful I am for your generosity but I just really wanted to say thank you so much. I don't know what I would have done without your help. God bless you all for everything that you do. Thank you."

God bless you, 

Sharon A. Brown
Executive Director
Kumler Outreach Ministries
303 N. Grand Ave. East
Springfield, IL  62702
Ph. 217.523.2269
Fax 217.523.4920


Decatur Central UMC partners with Free Health Clinic

Decatur Central UMC has partnered with the Tzedakah Christian Health Center using the Education wing of the church which is located at 269 W. Eldorado Street, Decatur. The Free Clinic at Decatur Central UMC is near the Oasis Day Center (for the homeless population of Decatur). Yep...Tzedakah is RIGHT where we need to be! Praise God!!
TCHC was formed to provide free, quality medical, mental and spiritual healthcare in response to the many, many commands from God to do so. We are joining several Ministries in this effort and would love to have your help as well.
The Tzedakah Christian Health Center is committed to providing free, quality, Christ-centered health care to those in need in Macon County, IL. Our services include medical, mental and spiritual support.
We are a free healthcare center that incorporates medical, mental and spiritual healthcare with telling others the Good News of Jesus Christ. We are joined by many other Ministries to meet the needs of those "working poor" in Macon County, IL.
James 7:22 "...the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised to life, and the Good News is being preached to the poor."


Asbury Childrens Supper Hour

The Asbury Supper Hour was highlighted in the Springfield State Journal-Register magazine earlier this year.  .There were several nice pictures of the children and staff.   

Laketown Ministries

Springfield Cotton HIll UMC has an Outreach Ministry - Laketown Ministries. It is a thrift store located at 2427 A Stevenson Drive, Springfield.  20,000 cars pass by this location on an average day. This business had been in operation for awhile, and the owner donated the business and its current merchandise to the church. The store is selling household and furniture items at greatly reduced prices. Proceeds from the store will be used to provide rent, utility, food, gas and medical assistance in southeast Springfield. The store is also accepting donations. Start-up costs for this ministry were provided by a generous gift from the Orville and Shirley Larson Trust held at the United Methodist Foundation. Call 217/529-2736 if you would like to volunteer. Stop by the store and see what items they have you might be able to use. They are also on Facebook. 

Midwest Mission Distribution Center

 This is located on an eight acres campus 4 miles south of Springfiel next to the Sugar Creek UMC just off New City Road east of Chatham.  MMDC celebrated it's 10th anniversary on May 1, 2010.  As of February 2010, MMDC is now an UMCOR Cooperating Depot.  This means that MMDC is an official drop off site for UMCOR kits and they work closely with UMCOR and other cooperating depots to provide relief supplies to devastated area nationally and worldwide. 

On a daily basis at the center, volunteers pack kits, sort items, and box goods for shipment to needed areas.  The warehouse is used for storage, loading trucks, shipping containers and unloading goods.  Groups who come to volunteer may stay in the dormitory which sleeps 32 and has a beautiful fully equipped kitchen, laundry facilities, and a community room.  R. V. Camping is available as well.  Guests may enjoy shopping at the Twice Giving Gift Shop to purchase items made by people in third world countries. the purpose of the gift shop is to provide a market place for skilled crafts people of the Third world countires.  Check the MMDC web site for more information www.midwestmissiondc.org   To schedule a time for your group to volunteer there, call 217/483-7911 or e-mail midwestmissionDC@aol.com   The Center needs Flood Bucket supplies and Health Kit supplies on a regular basis.  See their web site for a full listing of the kits and supplies needed for each of them.  Of course, they are always glad to receive cash donations too.  They are an Advance Special #6620-IGRC

District Conference Advance Special Ministries:

  • Asbury Children's Supper Hour, Springfield - #6460

  • Compass - Springfield Douglas Avenue UMC - #6500

  • Kumler Outreach Ministries , Springfield  - #6270

  • Decatur Grace After School Program - #6190

  • Mini O'Bierne Crisis Nursery, Springfield - # 6080

  • Compass, Springfield Douglas Avenue #6500

  • All God's Children, Decatur - #6070

  • Laketown Ministries, Cotton Hill UMC, Springfield - #6520

  • Midwest Mission Distribution Center, Springfield - #6620

  • Central IL Foodbank, Springfield - #6370

  • Good Samaritan Inn, Decatur - #6170

  • Grace Urban Ministries, Springfield - #6420

  • ILCAAP - #0076

  • Hispanic Ministries, Decatur - #6530

  • Alain Rocourt - #6700

  • Dove, Decatur - #6290

  • Macon County CASA - #6055