Secretarial practices

What is it?

The Book of Discipline (¶606) requires each conference to keep an exact record of its proceedings.A hard copy of this record becomes part of a number of general, jurisdictional, and annual conference committees and commissions. The IGRC also publishes a limited number of hard copies for those who order them.The Journal-Yearbook is available to everyone in electronic form.

What’s in it?

The Book of Discipline requires the inclusion of the following items in this order:

  • Officers of annual conference
  • Boards, commissions, committees; rolls of conference members
  • Daily proceedings
  • Business of the annual conference (BAC) report
  • Appointments
  • Reports as ordered by the annual conference
  • Annual report of the district superintendents, if any
  • Memoirs as ordered by the annual conference following the guidelines of the General Commission on Archives and History
  • Roll of dead: deceased clergy members
  • Historical
  • Miscellaneous
  • Pastoral record (including the records of accepted local pastors in such manner as the conference may determine)
  • Statistics
  • Index

How to make corrections

  • Corrections received before June 30, 2020, will be reflected in the 2020 Journal-Yearbook. Corrections received after the due date will appear in the 2021 Journal.
  • Send corrections directly to the IGRC secretary, noting the exact location of he item to be corrected.

When resolutions or reports are not adopted

Reports, resolutions, amendments to the Standing Rules, policy statements, policy statement amendments, or petitions at are not adopted will not be printed in the Journal-Yearbook. The vote indicating defeat of the resolution will be recorded in the Daily Proceedings.