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Participants at a Financial Success Seminar sponsored by PASBF

Seminar dates

October 7-8 2016: Pre- Retirement (10 years away or less) Seminar
Located at: Springfield Hilton
Registration fee is $45 for single/$75 for couples.
Hotel room will cost $ 95.00 per night
Again, a very worthwhile seminar for anyone looking ahead to retirement. 


The seminar will address the following issues:

  • What does it mean to be retired?
  • What is my call in my retirement ?
  • What will I do when I retire?
  • How can I enjoy my retirement?
  • How do I prepare the church for my retirement ?
  • How will retirement change my relationship with my spouse?
  • Am I ready to retire financially, spiritually, and emotionally ?
  • Am I financially prepared for retirement ?   Pension information will be prepared for anyone registered!