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Services of PASBF

Financially Supporting our Retirees
PASBF currently pays for both the Medicare Supplement and the monthly health insurance premiums for retirees and spouses who are Medicare eligible. The annual cost for these two services is approximately $3.2 million.

Connecting Retirees to the Conference
PASBF is concerned that retirees and spouses are connected and valued in the Conference. To that end, PASBF represents retirees and spouses on Conference issues to the Cabinet and Conference Boards and Agencies.

Caring for Retirees and Spouses
PASBF is very concerned with the health and well-being of the retirees and spouses. Through the excellent work of the Assistants, PASBF attempts to stay in contact with every retiree and spouse, assisting them where we can.

Social Activities for Retirees and Spouses
Beginning in 2008, PASBF began to sponsor trips for retirees and spouses as well as hosting banquets in their honor. PASBF is committed to bringing retirees and spouses to together for fellowship and enjoyment.