Sexual ethics resources

Notes from the IGRC Quadrennial Sexual Ethics Training (1/13-1/15/22)

Presenter: David C. Olsen, PhD, LCSW, LMFT, is an ordained American Baptist minister and the current executive director of the Samaritan Counseling Center of the Capital Region and adjunct faculty member of the Sage Graduate School. Together with Dr. Nancy D. Devor of the Danielsen Institute in Boston, he has co-authored Saying No to Say Yes: Everyday Boundaries and Pastoral Excellence (2015). He often consults with congregations and clergy around the integration of spirituality and psychotherapy.

 General Links on Self-Care / Boundary Management / CDC Statistics:

  1. Bowen Family Systems
  2. State of Illinois training info:!loginPage.action;jsessionid=FD7669A8BE16769A3977C219746D462 8
  3. UMC resources on Sexual Ethics from General Commission on the Status and Role of Women:
  4. Anxiety trends from CDC by states and CDC by age groups:
  5. Lombard Mennonite Peace Center.

General Links on Policy Samples:

  1. UMCOM Media Guidelines and Training: for-churches and
  2. GCFA

IGRC Links:

  1. Pastoral Expectations - The Pastoral Expectations document can be received from your district office. Here is the digital link:
  2. Safe Sanctuaries trainers in the IGRC:
  3. Safe Sanctuaries links and resources:
  4. IGRC Clergy Assistance Program link: and Support Link benefits from IGRC: and

Books / Articles:

  1. Books by Peter Steinke and
  2. Emotionally Healthy Congregations spirituality-update-revised-edition/
  3. The Most Famous Man in America by Debby Applegate Biography/dp/0385513976
  4. The beloved Peter Cartwright, "THE Pioneer Preacher" (his description of himself, was prone to some of the same temptations.
  5. The Wounded Healer Society/dp/0385148038
  6. Books on Boundaries by Dr. Cloud
  7. Secret Lives of Trees
  8. Breathe: A Pastor's Journey Prioleau/dp/1735761605