Rules: all team members must be in the photo including the person taking the photo.



Extra cool points are awarded for

Best Photo

Funniest Photo

Most Interesting Photo



Crossing street duckling style

Forming a human pyramid

With yellow car

On a swing set/pushing swingers

Huddled around pointing at screen

In elevator

By body of water

Stranger holding paper with your team name on it

Hugging a stranger

Member shaking police officer's hand

Teammate juggling while strangers applaud

Stranger giving piggy-back-ride to teammate

In the dark with flashlights on your faces

Team's reflection in something other than a mirror

On a tree

Entire team "I can't believe we all fit in here!" (extra points for the most creative...)

Entire team jumping (everyone must be in mid-air for the picture to count)

With something over 50 years old

With something over 100 years old

With Lake Williamson staff member

Picking up litter

Fire extinguisher

Squirrel if you can catch one

Fire hydrant



Orange cone


Tree stump