Small Group Resource Suggestions

Is your church considering starting small groups, but you're not sure where to start? At each of the links below, you will find a list of Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced resources, most of which are available to borrow from the United Media Resource Center in Springfield. These lists are not exhaustive, by any means. They are intended to include a variety of resources of each type, all published in the past 18 years, some of which your church might already have on the shelf. Each includes a leader's guide and/or discussion questions in the book itself. Many include DVD or VHS recordings of the teaching. If you have questions or recommendations, please contact Beth Fender by email.

Christian Education Studies

These studies include Bible studies in addition to studies of the basics of the Christian faith and United Methodist studies. They are all intended for adults, though one of the studies also is available in versions for children and for youth.

Spiritual Formation Studies

These transformative studies for adults focus on building authentic community and/or on the practice of spiritual disciplines. 

Mission and Ministry Studies

These studies deal with the ways in which Christians interact with their community. Topics include service, spiritual gifts, stewardship (financial and environmental), racial justice, and more.

Prayer Group Resources

This page includes ideas requiring minimal resources as well as next-step models and studies appropriate for small prayer groups.

Accountability Group Resources

This page includes a list of resources (print, DVD, and experiential) to help you start accountability groups such as Covenant Discipleship groups or Class Meetings.