Church Snapshot

The Snapshot provides an easy way to access historical data for key church statistics. A quick link will give you data for your church. You can either print the data or you can highlight it to copy and paste it to Excel, PowerPoint, or another program. 

NOTE: The data was provided from the General Commission on Finance and Administration. This is from year-end reports. It is only as accurate as data submitted and as it was electronically entered since submission. We have no way to adapt the data. For instance, for 2007, even churches that paid 100% of apportionments are reflected as paying 99%.

To find your congregation's statistical snapshot, find your church at

Here are the categories included and explanations (as needed):

  1. AWA: Average Worship Attendance
  2. Membership
  3. POF: Those who became members of the church by Professions of Faith
  4. POF minus Deaths: This is a leading indicator of church health. Receiving more new members by Profession of Faith than are removed by Death is a positive sign.
  5. Baptisms
  6. Confirmation Participants: More participants in confirmation is usually an indicator of the number of youth in a congregation. Also, comparing this to Professions of Faith can indicate how many adults joined by Profession of Faith (this is not always consistent as some churches have multiple year confirmation classes).
  7. Total Giving: This information has only been gathered on year-end reports since 2005. Comparing statistics indicate that some congregations' reporting in this may not be as accurate as others.
  8. Total Giving per AWA: This is an indicator of overall stewardship. NOTE: As of 2020 stats, this is calculated based on the Total Giving divided by the TOTAL attendance (in-person + online).
  9. Giving to Missions: This includes apportionment and missions giving recorded on year-end reports.
  10. Pct App Paid: This indicates the percent of apportionments paid in a particular year. NOTE: The data provided by GCFA did not include amounts apportioned for 2000 and before, so it indicates that no IGRC church paid any apportionments in the years prior to 2002. Also, for the year 2007, the calculation for EVERY church that paid 100% shows only 99%. This is a quirk in the calculations which the web developers have not been able to solve.
  11. Total Indebted: Total of all debt reported.
  12. Total Expend: Total of all annual expenditures.
  13. Total Cap Expend: Total expenditures related to capital projects, debt retirement, and improvements.