Social media policy

Policy of IGRC Facebook groups

The following policies are observed for all Facebook accounts authorized by the Illinois Great Rivers Conference of The United Methodist Church.

Like most technology, its proper use can further the mission of The United Methodist Church, namely, to “make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” Since social media leverages relationships, healthy relationships are vital for Christian community. When relationships break down, so does the means in which we build those relationships.

The following has been adopted by the IGRC Commission on Communications on Sept. 11, 2021.

  1. When using social media, observe Wesley’s General Rules:
    • Do no harm
    • Do good
    • Attend to the ordinances of God

  2. The Illinois Great Rivers Conference has empowered its Director of Communication Ministries as the monitor of this policy.  Additional communication staff members may be designated to administrative roles to assist in this responsibility. The Communications ministry claims, maintains and monitors the Conference’s social media profiles and websites. Administrators will also develop additional policies in concert with these broad guidelines should circumstances require it.
  1. Posts sharing information are limited to one post per information. Information that is repeated – that is the same story being posted from multiple sources – will be deleted in order not to have one issue or story dominate the news feed of the groups. If you believe the story is different than those previously posted, point out the difference in your post, which may encourage others to be interested in a story which they thought they had read or heard previously.
  1. Posts that pose a question should do just that – ask a question that seeks answers. The person who posts will not be allowed to argue with those who answer the question with a different viewpoint than theirs. Additionally, posts that tend to paint with a “broad brush” or an over generalization will also be deleted.
  1. Memes are not allowed. Many tend to be provocative and seek to have persons “choose up sides.”

Guidelines for effective Christian conferencing

If you are not sure about appropriateness of a post, do not post it. Every post -- personal or corporate -- reflects back on our Christian witness. Ask yourself: is this post or information timely? Newsworthy? Ready for the world to see?

Be respectful, collegial and intentional of other’s privacy including the announcing of prayer concerns. Ask yourself: Do I have permission to share this information? If you feel it is important to share the information but don’t know about your standing, contact the group administrators and we will obtain permission before posting it.

Take care to adhere to Safe Sanctuary guidelines, adapting them to social media practices. For more information, visit:

Remember your Christian witness and allow your use of social media to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Persons that join IGRC Facebook groups should see a higher level of conversation. One faith should influence one’s views rather than partisan or political views influencing one’s faith.

We firmly believe that the groups will self-regulate themselves because the greater the trust is within Christian community, the fewer the rules are necessary.

Authorized by the IGRC Commission on Communications, Sept. 11, 2021, replacing any existing policies that have previously been in effect.