Unstuck Church Assessment Process

Introducing the Unstuck Church

Find the Unstuck Church assessment here.: https://www.igrc.org/assessment Read all directions before beginning. If you need an offline version, follow the directions below.

  • Print one copy for each person who needs to take a non-computerized assessment 
  • Once all offline forms have been completed, average them all into one online input

NOTE: The online assessment always asks the same questions, but it changes the order of them for each use. This is a minor headache for input, since they're not numbered, so make sure the entry matches the question itself and not by number as you enter your averaged results.

The Cabinet and Office of Congregational Development have partnered with the Unstuck Group to provide every IGRC pastor with access to an online course which the pastor can utilize with church leaders to help the church take their next steps. This course is normally $499 per person and is being provided at no charge to the pastor/church. Email invitations were sent to the pastors on January 29, 2019.

If you didn’t receive an invitation, or have misplaced it send the following information to Sam Rodriguez at srodriguez@igrc.org and he will provide you with the link.

Your role at the church

Church Name