IGRC CORR Seeks to Create Awareness, Offer Resources at Conference

Within the Illinois Great Rivers Conference (IGRC), there are a variety of committees and commissions which seek to further the work of the conference and serve as a resource for clergy, laity and the communities they serve. The Conference Commission on Religion and Race (CCORR) is one such group.

The purpose of the group is to bring about full and equal participation of the racial and ethnic constituencies in the Conference. In recognition of this work and the changing climate in our communities and in our nation, CCORR is hosting an awareness event preceding the 2017 IGRC Annual Conference which begins on Thursday, June 8. It is hoped that this event will help church and communities begin conversations and expand their relationships so that they can collectively move forward in respect, purpose, and hope.

On Wednesday, June 7, CCORR will host an event “A Day of New Beginnings: A Call to Awareness” open to all clergy and laity in IGRC. The focus of the event is to increase awareness of CCORR and provide opportunities for interaction and sharing of information. The afternoon will include a time of welcome, a panel discussion, round table conversations, a light meal, resource sharing, and networking. The event is being held in Room 220 in the Peoria Civic Center and will run from 2:00-6:00pm.

Panelists for the event include Dr. Pamela Hammond-McDavid, Rev. Cecelia Granadosin, Rev. In-Sook Hwang, Rev. Adrian Garcia, Rev. Grant Armstrong, and Rev. Dr. Donald Jackson. Panelists will represent a broad spectrum of diversity (e.g., ethnic, geographic, role, office, etc.) and will be asked questions related to their particular ministry setting(s), issues they’ve faced and how we can all work together moving forward.

For more information about CCORR or the “A Day of New Beginnings” event, please contact Rev. Gifty Smith (217-891-6884) or Mrs. Aletha Weatherall (217-891-0027) or download flyer here