Update your Current subscriptions

IGRC congregations are now able to update their free subscriptions to The Current online.
The number of free subscriptions available to each church is based upon average worship attendance. Pastors can update those lists now by using the church's Conference number as the user name and the six-digit GCFA number as the password. These numbers are usually found at the top of the forms provided for year-end reports. However, conference numbers do change when there is a charge realignment, so the number you had last year may have changed. The log-in page's URL is: www.igrc.org/subscriptions.
Pastors need not include themselves or any appointed staff in the free listing as they already receive a free subscription by virtue of their position. To include the name on the free list would result in two being mailed to them.
Persons wishing to get their lists updated and need assistance may contact Michele Willson at 217-529-3122 or Paul Black at 217-529-2824. Churches and pastors that do not have internet access may contact IGRC Communications at the above numbers with the addresses of those they wish to receive the church's free subscriptions.
Log in to The Current Subscription Center at: www.igrc.org/subscriptions.
Paul Black