Each year the office of Connectional Ministry has to turn in VIM numbers to the Jurisdiction. However, gathering that information from local churches continues to be problematic. This means that IGRC’s numbers are always under reported and it doesn’t reflect well the work that is actually going on in the IGRC to the other conferences in our Jurisdiction or give us a clear picture of what is actually happening within the IGRC.

In order to enhance our information gathering we have a link for congregations to report VIM activity to us so we can more accurately report it to the Jurisdiction as well as to each other. It really only takes two minutes for a church to enter this data! When you hear of these mission stories in consultations and church conferences, help them to know to report this and that it doesn’t take that long to do it. If you could encourage the reporting and provide the link(s) provided below, our office would greatly appreciate your assistance.

Here is the link to the Volunteers in Mission home page which gives a little bit of an explanation:

Here is the link for the direct link to the form:

Thank you again for your help!