Macomb Wesley UMC Home Repair Ministry


Macomb Wesley UMC assisted 20 homeowners in Macomb through the Streaming Waters Work Week. 

Last year Wesley did 15 projects in McDonough County and June 7-11, 20 projects were completed. These projects involved about 100 disciples volunteering. The church paid for all materials and did the work involving: reroofing houses, building decks, repairing bathrooms, making bathrooms and doorways handicapped accessible, building ramps, renovating kitchens, washing windows and cleaning gutters for low income home owners in McDnough County. Wesley's hope is get other churches to imitate their efforts. Industry UMC has helped Wesley this year with some money and with several volunteers. Good Hope UMC is attempting to do something similar in their community on a smaller scale.

The program was developed as a way to invite persons to join in a local response to the needs that they have envisioned.