A Christian Response to Violence

A Christian Response to Violence logoThe Christian Response to Violence Task Force has created a curriculum for use in churches and at seminars. It includes sections on multiple topics about how to respond to a violent world in a healthy way. The curriculum that has been created can be used in both a congregational setting over the course of multiple weeks, or used in a workshop setting over the course of a day.

Below are links to a curriculum that has been developed within the Illinois Great Rivers Conference to provide materials for such discussion and dialogue. Click on the link to view the documents or right-click and choose "Save File As..." or "Save Target As..." to download to your computer:

Download the entire packet of materials (73 pages PDF)

Individual downloads

Opening Worship: Order of Worship

Session 1: God and Violence in the Biblical Story

Session 2: Fear and Violence

Session 2 Handouts: Fear and Violence

Session 3: Helping Our Children Feel Safe and Secure at School and Other Social Settings

Session 4: Safety Begins at Home

Session 5: Help to Make a Safe Church

A Litany on the Tragedy of Gun Violence

Additional Resources

Additional lessons

Although not a part of the "A Christian Response to Violence" Seminar, an additional lesson has been authored by IGRC retired pastor Miley Palmer. The materials are suitable for a group discussion or Sunday School class.

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