Pension Withdrawal Liabilities

A conversation with Wespath Benefits and Investments about pension liabilities: For local churches considering disaffiliation, annual conferences and others in the UMC.

In this video, Martin Bauer, Senior Managing Director, Benefit Plans and Dale Jones, Managing Director Church Relations answer some of the pension-related questions regarding local churches who are considering disaffiliating with the United Methodist Church, including:

  • Are the United Methodist clergy pension plans fully funded to make all retirement benefit payments to retired clergy?
  • What are pension liabilities?
  • Are there unfunded pension liabilities?
  • How do you calculate long-term pension obligations?
  • How do you know the right interest rate to use to calculate projected liabilities?
  • What are the differences between market interest rates and funding interest rates and the plans being fully funded on a funding basis and not being fully funded on a market basis?
  • Why are there two ways of measuring funding? • What is the annual conference obligation to pension funding?